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Video not playing

Pausing, Freezing or Three Dots

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We use smart video technology to determine you get the best possible video experience. We make use of Adaptive Bit Streaming. This allows our player to adapt by changing the quality of the video it gives you based on your bandwidth. 

If your bandwidth is low, then the player will give you a lower quality video so you can continue to watch the video with little buffering.

Depending on the browser/device you are using, this experience can be somewhat different and some browsers/devices don't fully support this feature, although most modern devices/browsers do, so for most cases, the video should play ok, but we have listed some possible issues that could arise below.

Corporate security policies

Sometimes corporate firewalls/software can prevent videos from playing, this could mean a setting on your browser has some security settings that prevent the videos from playing. If you are watching from your company offices or devices, then you will need to make sure Money Alive is whitelisted with your IT team.


If it appears that the video is freezing, then this could be because the browser you are using is having issues with our Adaptive Bit Streaming. 

The first thing you can do is try a different device/browser if possible (e.g Chrome on a Desktop).

If you continue to have issues or are unable to use another device/browser, then please get in contact with us and we can switch the player to change your experience to use a different delivery method.


If the video keeps pausing, then it could be the same issue as above, but what can do first is try logout and login and see if that fixes the issue (

If you continue to have issues,  please get in contact with us.

Three Dots

If you get three dots, then this usually means the video is buffering. This could mean your bandwidth (internet) is too low and the video isn't able to load fast enough. If possible try to find a more stable internet connection (e.g Wifi).

Another possible reason for videos not playing could be related to security software installed on the machine. If you or your company have strict firewalls or other security software installed, then this can sometimes prevent videos being played. Please check with your IT team to confirm this and make sure we are whitelisted.

If you continue to have issues, please get in contact with us.

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