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How to resend a box set to your client.

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You can resend your client a new invite to watch a given boxs et. This can be used if you had a client that may have watched previously, but you now wish them to watch again and reset their record.

This can be done by first clicking on "Send videos".

Then you can search for the client you wish to resend an invite to.

Click "Continue" once you have found the client to move on to the next step. Then you can select the box set you wish to resend to a client. You can see which boxset you have sent previously to this client by the label next to it.

Once you select the boxset, you will notice that a box appears above. This means that you can only resend one box set at a time. So you will need to repeat this process for a different boxset. Once you have selected the boxset, click "Next" to move on to the next step.

You will now see the duplicate record option. This will allow you to do one of two things.

Send a reminder

The "send a reminder" option will keep the current record, will allow you to send a reminder to your client that they need to complete this boxset.

Start a new record

The "start a new record" option will archive the previous record and send a new invite to your client. The previous record will be reset and they can start the journey again.

If you select to start a new record, you will then be taken to the invite email that will be sent to your client.

Once you click "Send". The record will be reset and the client will be sent the email.

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