Campaign Webforms are an onboarding method used on campaigns. They are the same as Forms but attached to a campaign.

You can set up Webforms on campaigns by going to the campaign designer and adding them via the onboarding process.

Click on the + on the onboarding section

Click on Webform from the options.

Now turn the Webform on

Now your Webform is ready for use. You can preview what the form looks like by clicking on Preview.

You can update the settings on a Webform by selecting Settings from the menu on the left.

Updating Webform title and description

You can update the Webform's title and description from the Webform settings.

Click "Edit" next to the setting you wish to change.

Then once you are happy, you can click Save

If you have made a mistake and dont want to Save, you can click Close instead to cancel the edit.

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