A tracking link is a link that is attached to a campaign web form. This tracking link can be used in printed material in order to access the webform and it allows you to pass "ID" information along to the form.

You can attach a tracking link to a campaign via the campaign designer by clicking on the three dots next to the campaign you wish to generate a tracking link for.

Next click on Campaign Designer from the list.

Next, click the + symbol to add a new onboarding process.

Click "Tracking link" from the list.

Next, you can turn on the tracking link.

NOTE: In order for you to use tracking links, you must first turn on a web form. See How to use web forms on campaigns.

Once it's been activated, it will then generate you a tracking link.

The tracking link is short and easier to type into a URL and can therefore be used for things like printed text and expects an ID to be passed along with it. This allows you to have a link for each individual client. All you need to do is change the {id} to the ID you use internally on your own systems for a given user and that will be passed along to the webform and attached to their record when they register for the content.

This id will appear in reports that can be downloaded.

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