SMS Access codes are an alternative way to receive access-codes. This provides an alternate way from the standard email access codes.

On the new client screen, simply add a mobile phone number in the following box. If a viewer already has a mobile number entered, then this is the number that the SMS log in system will use.

When the viewer visits to sign in to their journey, they will enter an email address and if they have a mobile number attached to their profile they will be given the choice to send the access-code to either their email or mobile device.

How to use SMS Access Codes

To use SMS access codes as a system user you will need to log into with your account credentials, once you have entered your password you will be greeted by the option to obtain an access code via email or via SMS text message. Select the SMS text message option

A new popup will appear and an SMS text message will be sent to the number on the account, please enter the code you receive on your mobile device to log in.

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