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Help with Access-codes
Help for system users (admins) with access-codes
Help for system users (admins) with access-codes
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What are access-codes?

Access codes are used in combination with a password as a method of 2FA (two factor authentication) to protect access to his/her account on Money Alive where client data is held. They are sent to you via email after submitting a password to sign on.

What happens If don't my access-code?

You should receive your email with your access-code within 15 minutes of being sent one by the platform. Very occasionally, our emails mistakenly get marked as spam, so please check your SPAM folder.

For system users with a company email address, you may need to talk to your internal IT team or email provider to check if the emails have been caught in a corporate SPAM filter. If this is the case, you will need to request the following domain names are white-listed: * and *

If neither of the above is able to resolve your problem you can send a support ticket directly to the Money Alive support team at [email protected]

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