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Help with Access-codes
Help for viewers (clients) with access-codes
Help for viewers (clients) with access-codes
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What are access-codes?

For clients (viewers) the access codes are used as a way to authenticate who they are and provide a sign on to the Money Alive platform without the need for passwords.

Access-codes are sent via the Money Alive platform to the users email address. You should receive your email with your access-code within 15 minutes of being sent one by the platform.

Haven't received the access-code email?

Follow these steps.

  1. Wait 15 minutes and check your SPAM folder. Very occasionally, our emails mistakenly get marked as spam, so please check your SPAM folder.

  2. Send a blank email from the email address you are signed up with on the platform to [email protected] - This service will respond with a new access-code.

  3. Send a support ticket directly to the Money Alive support team at [email protected]

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