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How to tag clients automatically using form tags
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If you create new forms via Money Alive, there is an option to assign tags to any client who signs up with that form. These can be set when creating a new form or can be updated via the settings > name and tags option.

  1. To access these tags, click "Marketing" from the left-hand side

  2. Click "Campaign pages" tab

  3. Click on the settings icon for the form you wish to change/add tags to.

Select "settings" from the menu

Select "Name and tags" from the options available.

Under the "Assign tags to clients" box provided, you can enter your tags. You must enter one tag each on a new line.

In the example above, whenever a client uses this form to register, they will be automatically tagged with "tag" and "tag2". These tags can then later be used to filter your data using these tags.

NOTE: Tags will be case insensitive, but spaces will matter, so this should be considered when filtering down your data.

Tags will appear on the clients report also for your reference.

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