The video messenger is a great feature that allows you to send video messages to clients. This helps maintain a face to face relationship with one another that you would normally get if you were to schedule a meeting.

Please note that this feature is still in beta, some of the features may be subject to change as the feature is improved.

Understanding the video messenger hub

Here is a breakdown of the video messenger hub:

My Videos - This is where your videos will appear once they have been recorded and published, in this tab you can choose what you want to do with your video messages.

Shared Videos - Shared videos by other system users on the account will appear here.

Un-Published - Only your unpublished videos will appear in this tab, you can choose to publish them at any time

New - This button is used to create new videos or use an existing video file.

Viewers - This will display how many people have viewed the video message, clicking the number next to the video will show you which client has viewed the video

How to record a new video

To record a new video, select the video messenger option from the left hand side panel in the client dashboard.

After selecting the video messenger option you will be taken to the video messenger hub screen. Head over to the top right of the hub screen and select New

After selecting New a pop up window will appear, if you are recording a new video from a webcam select the Record new video option

Another pop up should appear asking for access to your webcam and microphone. Click allow in order to be able to see your webcam and to enable voice recording.

To record a video click the record button at the bottom of the pop up window. Use this time to record your video message. If you need to re-do your video you can restart it after recording.

To change any of your video settings you can do so by clicking the cog wheel at the top left of the screen.

How to use pre-recorded video messages

To use an already recorded video file, go to the video messenger hub and click New in the top right corner, after the popup window appears, select the Upload option. Upon doing so another pop up window will appear in which you can choose or drag existing video files.

Please note that the currently supported video formats are .mp4, webm, 3gpp, Quicktime and .mkv

Publishing and sending videos

Once you have a recorded video that you are happy with, you can then publish it, After a short processing time, a 3 dot icon shall appear next to your published video. Upon clicking, select the send option, you can either send this video to an existing client or set up a new one in this window. The recipient will receive and email asking them to view the video message.

Video settings

These settings can be used to tailor your video to a specific client, as well as control how your client can view the video. These settings can be accessed by clicking the 3 dot icon to the right of your video and selecting settings.

Title - Create a custom title for your video which will be seen by your viewers.

Share video with other system users - This feature will share the video with other system users on your account, these will appear in your shared videos tab.

Disable question/feedback - This feature will disable the option for the viewer to give feedback on your video message.

Requires viewer authentication - This feature enables the viewer to put in an access code to watch the video, unchecking this box will disable this feature.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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