The refer a friend feature allows your clients to send links to friends or family allowing them to register for the same journey they just completed.

The feature is enabled on a per topic basis. When a viewer completes a journey, the next day they are sent an email asking them if they wish to share this journey with friends or family and provides them with a link they can pass on.

When the link is used by a friend or family, that newly created journey is tagged with the referring viewer and appears on the journey report of the newly created journey.

Turning on feature

  1. Click "Marketing" on the left hand menu

2. Click "Refer a friend" tab

Note: If all the options are disabled, you should see a message telling you that you need to upgrade to a higher package in order to use this feature.

3. This page allows you to enable/disable box sets that will make use of refer a friend. So if you don't want invites sent out for a given box set, you can disable it by using the settings option on the far right (three dots)

You can see a preview of the kind of message that will be sent to your clients by clicking on the eye icon, then you will be shown an example email.

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