Videos forms are the same as our Forms feature in that they allow you to generate leads. The video forms work by allowing you to embed a video on your website and then be able to collect the lead after completion and allow the viewer to continue the journey.

You can find out more on video forms here.

Setting up

You can access the video forms via the Forms menu on the left hand side.

Then you select "Video forms" from the tabs at the top. This will give you a list of available video forms that you can use. 

Some may appear greyed out, this is because they are disabled, but you can enable them by clicking on the row option menu (three dots)

Then click "Enable" or "Disable".

Your video form is now active and ready to use. You can preview the form by clicking on the Eye icon.

This will give a preview of what your video form will look like.

You can now get the embed code for your new video form by clicking on the options menu again and click "Embed code"

You will be presented with two options "Fixed size" or "Responsive".

Fixed size

The fixed size embed option allows you to set the width and height of the embed itself. We recommend a minimum width and height in order for it to display at its best and look great!

Once you have valid widths and heights, you can then copy the embed code to your clipboard by clicking "Copy code"


Responsive embed code means that the embed code itself will try and fit the video within the container you embed it into and should match your websites responsiveness. Of course, this option does depend from website to website, but the embed script will try its best.

You can then click "Copy code" to copy it to your clipboard and put it into your website.

Viewing form registrants

When a viewer registers via the form you will notified via the Notification email address set in the settings page. You can find out more about viewing them here.

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