Forms allow you put links directly on your own website, then a user of your website will be able to "self register" for a journey and as a result a lead for you!

Enabling on forms

  1. Select "Marketing" from the menu on the left menu

2. Then from the tabs at the top select "Web forms".

Note: By default they are all disabled, first you must enable the forms you wish to use. 

3. To enable/disable a form select the option button on the right and select "Enable/Disable"

Getting form URL

Clicking "Copy link" from the option menu (as seen above) or by clicking the "Link" button.

This will open the form and this URL can be used on your website.

Changing form settings

You can change the title and description of the form by accessing the "settings" from option from the menu on the right hand side of the form row.

Click "Title and description", this will then show you options to edit the title and description for the form and also be able to add some small print notes which will appear at the bottom of the form.


Notifications allows you to add emails that will be notified when someone signs up to the form, all the notification emails on the form will be notified, but also the notification email attached to the company.

You can set these notification emails by selecting the "notifications" option from the form settings menu (see changing form settings).

Enter each email on a new line and click "Save".


You may wish to know how many people have signed up via your forms.  On the forms page, you will see a number in the "Registrants" column, this number indicates how many people have signed up via that form.

If you click on the number itself, then you will taken to a page that lists all the people who registered on that form.

You can also access the clients report here also by clicking on their "status"

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