You can attach notes to your client journeys. This can be helpful if you want to make notes about things happening on that client journey or any feedback or simply to keep track of the progress of your communication with your client.

Adding notes to journey from the dashboard

You can easily add notes to your journeys from the dashboard.

  1. Click client journey you wish to add a note too. You should see some options.

  2. Click "Add note"

3. You should now see a place to enter your note. Enter your note (or click "not now" if you change your mind).

4. Click "Save" and now you should see a note icon on the client journey.

Notes are added to the client journey report, so click on the client journey you added a note too and click "Journey report" and at the bottom of this report, you should see any notes you have attached.

Notes can also be attached from the journey report by clicking the menu in the top right and selecting "Add note"

Delete a note

You can delete a note by clicking on the note options in the top right of the note.

Updating a note

A note can be updated also by clicking the note options in the top right of the note and selecting "Edit". You will then be able to edit and then click "Save"

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