Outcomes allow you to tag your client journeys with the results of the engagement with your client. This can be done at any stage, be it a point of invitation or at the completion of the journey. You might want to attach the final outcome to that client journey report. This can be done in a couple of ways.

Archiving client journey and setting an outcome.

If you want to archive a client journey and set an outcome.

  1. Click "client journeys" on the left-hand side.

  2. Click the journey you wish to set an outcome on.

  3. Select "Archive and outcomes"

4. You will be given possible outcomes you can select from. Select the one appropriate outcome.

5. Select Save.
6. You will now be asked if you want to add a note. If you don't wish to attach a note to this client journey, then simply click "Not now".

7. Or you can enter a note and then click "Save"

8. After pressing "save" or "Not now", then that client journey will be archived. 

You can access that client journey from the Client directory. 

Outcomes on journey reports

Outcomes will appear on your client journey report if you have set one.

Also, any notes you attach will also appear on the journey report.

Editing outcomes

You can edit an outcome on your client journey via the client journey report by clicking on the menu on the top right and clicking on "Edit outcome" from the menu.

Setting outcomes on previously archived journeys

You may have already archived some client journeys and wish to set outcomes on them, this can be done by going to your client directory (where your archived journeys can be accessed) and selecting the client you wish.

Once on the client's profile. Then on the activity, select the menu for the journey you wish to attach an outcome, and then select "Journey report". 

Then on the journey report, you can use the menu in the top right to set the outcome.

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