Sometimes your dashboard can become a bit cluttered as you create more and more journeys and your clients move through the system. So sometimes it's nice to archive journeys when needed.

You can turn on auto-archive, which will archive any journeys that don't have any activity on them for a given amount of days.

This means if a client doesn't login to a journey for say 30 days, then it will automatically be archived by the system.

Turn this on by doing the following.

  1. Go to settings.

2. Click "Journey auto archive".

3. Make sure "auto archiving on" is ticked and then select the number of days you would like to archive after.


Can I undo this?
Archived journeys are still able to be seen on the client profile and the process is fully reversible. 

Will this effect email notifications?
Archived journeys will also no longer receive email notifications. 

Will archiving a credit give me back a credit?
No, credits are used at the point of assigning a topic to a client. 

Can a client still login to an archived journey?
Yes, archived does not affect a clients experience. The journey will also be automatically un-archived so it will appear your dashboard again, so you are aware they have logged into it.

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