Sometimes you might want to archive a journey for many reasons like your client has chosen not to progress or you wish to clean up the dashboard.

1. Click the journey you wish to archive

2. Click "Archive this journey"

3. Click "yes, archive this now"

4. Click "Continue" or "Oops, undo this" to bring it back from archived.


You can also archive journeys from the report itself.

  1. Open journey report

  2. Click the options button

3. Click "Archive" or "Un-archive" depending what state its in


Can I undo this?
Archived journeys are still able to be seen on the client profile and the process is fully reversible. 

Will this effect email notifications?
Archived journeys will also no longer receive email notifications. 

Will archiving a credit give me back a credit?
No, credits are used at the point of assigning a topic to a client.

Can a client still login to an archived journey?
Yes, archived does not affect a clients experience. The journey will also be automatically un-archived so it will appear your dashboard again, so you are aware they have logged into it.

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