A feature of the Money Alive Admin allows you to send invitations to your clients directly from the portal itself. There are a couple ways to get to this feature.

  1. When you create a new journey for your client, you will see the following screen.

It gives you two options

  1. I will send the invite
    This option means it's up to you to send the invite template yourself via your email client (e.g Outlook). If you do pick this option, the system won't send any email to your client.

  2. Send from Money Alive
    This option will allow you to send the invite from the Money Alive Admin itself, so you don't have to send it via your email client (e.g Outlook).

If you select option 2, you will be taken to the email screen.

On this screen, you can fill in a couple things.

This will be the subject line of the email that is send to your client.

This allows you to add any CC emails that you want to include in the email. You can add multiple CC emails and they must be comma separated.

An example template is generated for you to use, you can edit this as you wish.

Reset email
If you have made changes to the email body, but wish to revert back to our example template, then you can simply click on "Reset email" and this will be reverted back for you.

Once you are happy with the email, you can click "Send" and if successful, you will see the "Email sent" message.

Re-sending email invites

Sometimes you may wish to resend the email invite to your client. This can be done a couple ways.

You can find your client in the invited column on the client journeys dashboard and clicking on them, this will show you two options. 1 to visit the clients profile page, or second, to "Resend journey invite"

Clicking "Resend journey invite" will take you back to the email screen. It will also be populated with all the details you used before when you sent this email.

This data will be saved on a per journey basis and are not carried through to other journeys. If you wish to do this, then you can use the "invite template settings" feature for this. This can be found here.

PDF Report

Invite email you send via the Money Alive Admin are saved and can be attached to your PDF reports. This option can be turned on by visiting the settings on left hand side and clicking "Journey settings" and then "Journey Reports".

Make sure the option "Include invite emails in journey reports" is checked and click Update.

Now when you open up your journey reports. The emails will be added to bottom. This will include every email you sent for this journey (only those sent via the Money Alive Admin).

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