New feature - access-codes

In this release we've made a couple of changes to the way your clients sign-in to Money Alive.

Clients will no longer be given a Magic Link and will now use an access-code to sign in to their Money Alive journey. 

Why have we done this?

  • It's more secure - the additional step of the client retrieving their code via email confirms the email address belongs to that client

  • No more long, complex passwords to remember

  • Clients will stay logged into their chosen device for longer (14days)

  • To avoid the confusion that the Magic Link is to be used for every login 

How does it work?

  1. Advisers create clients as usual and the email template will now ask them to visit and enter their email address

  2. Upon entering their email address, the system will send them a access-code via email and ask them to enter it 

  3. As soon as they enter the access-code they will be given access to Money Alive with no need to set a password

Clients will receive a new access-code for each device and can request a access-code to login with as many times as required.

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