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Using the Money Alive Admin (system users)
Changing the default client journey email template
Changing the default client journey email template

Updating your email templates

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When you invite your client to a journey, you are given a email template you can use to email them. This email is a recommended one by us, but sometimes you may wish to have your own one. This can be done via the Email template settings.

  1. Click settings on left hand side

2. Click "Email templates" tab (only available on certain packages)

3. Click the email template you wish to update

Note: Multi topic invite is used when a client is invited to more than one topic.

Restoring back to our template
If you want  to restore the template back to our recommended one, then you can use the "Reset email" button provided. This will revert it back.

The email template uses "replacement patterns". These patterns are used to be replaced by a variable value. This could be a persons name or invite instructions. You are not required to use any, but the form will validate you have used correct ones and also they are formatted correctly.

In the default template, you can see a replacement pattern of
"{name}". All replacement patterns appear inside of brackets { }.

Possible replacement patterns

  1. inviteInstructions - Instructions on how to access Money Alive

  2. name - Name of the viewer/client

  3. viewerUser - Viewer object
    You can access other data on the viewerUser also, like email etc.


  4. creator - Creator object
    You can access other data on the creator also, like email etc.


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