Sometimes you may have a lot of clients and want to find a particular client by email, first name or surname.

This can be be done via the "Client directory".

Then on the client directory you can find your client a couple of ways.

  1. By clicking the letters provided
    Note: Directory is ordered and grouped by surname

  2. You can also perform a search and this is done by clicking on the magnifying glass.

You can search by the following.

  1. First name. 

  2. Surname.

  3. Email.

  4. Topic

  5. Creator

Searching by topic and creator

In order to search by topic or creator, then a bit more logic is required. You must prefix your search with either topic:

Or created by:

Note: the colon character is required

Once you're happy with your search, then hit the enter key to perform your search.

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