When you have created your client, you are given an invite link that needs to be sent to your client so they can set their password and login.

Sometimes you may misplace or wish to find your clients invite link.

  1. Click "Client Journeys" on the left hand side

  2. Click on the Client you wish to get the invite link to

3. Click on "Email template" on the popup that appears.

4. Click 'Copy email' from the options at the top. The template will now be saved into your clipboard.

5. Paste that link or template into the email client of your choice (e.g Outlook) and send to your client.

Sending the email via Money Alive.

If your package has the email feature, then you can also email this via Money Alive itself, rather than having to do it via your own email client. You can do this by clicking on "Edit and send". You can find out more on this feature here.

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