Changing your subscription during you contractual agreement will raise your viewer journey limit for the remainder of your contract and you will be billed the higher rate at the next payment date. Your contract will still expire at the original expiry date. 

If you are a trial user upgrading to a paid subscription, following these steps you will be starting your first contract with Money Alive, after agreeing the contract a member of our accounts team will be in contact to collect direct debit details.

Upgrade my subscription

1. Go to the billing section of the Adviser Portal and click Upgrade

2. Select your new package and click continue

3. Review and agree the terms of the new contract and click Complete. You will be sent a copy of the contract as a PDF via email and if this is a first time payment with us, a member of the accounts team will be in contract. 

You now have access to the new viewer journey limit and the selected plans features. 


I can't see the billing section or the upgrade button?
This could be one of two reasons. 

  1. You're not a 'Superuser' on this account. Only superusers are able to make subscriptions changes. 
  2. You're account is set to a manual renewal, in this case please speak to your Money Alive account manager about making a subscription change. 
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