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Last revised: 08.03.2024

Cookie Policy Overview for Money Alive Office

Cookie Policy for the Money Alive Office, our SaaS platform accessible at This policy is specifically tailored for Money Alive Office, distinguishing it from our corporate website and other digital offerings under the Money Alive brand. Our platform leverages cookies strictly limited to essential functions, ensuring Money Alive Office operates securely and efficiently for all users. Herein, we detail the employment of necessary cookies on Money Alive Office, highlighting our dedication to a user experience that respects both your privacy and the operational requirements of our platform.

Understanding Necessary Cookies on Money Alive Office

Necessary cookies are small text files stored on your device indispensable for the Money Alive Office platform's basic functions. These cookies are foundational for security, accessibility, and seamless operation, supporting reliable service delivery without storing any personally identifiable information. Due to their critical role, these cookies are inherently active and cannot be opted out of by users.

Types of Cookies and Their Sole Purpose on Money Alive Office

  • Necessary Cookies: These cookies are the operational core of Money Alive Office, ensuring essential services such as user session management, authentication, and robust security measures to safeguard user data and prevent unauthorized access.

Legal Basis for Processing Necessary Cookies

  • Necessary Cookies: Processing of these cookies is justified based on our legitimate interest in maintaining the functionality, security, and accessibility of the Money Alive Office platform. Being essential for service provision, these cookies are exempt from the consent requirements stipulated by GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences on Money Alive Office

Upon accessing Money Alive Office for the first time, you'll encounter a banner notification:

"We Use Necessary Cookies: To deliver a secure and reliable service on Money Alive Office, we utilize essential cookies. These are vital for the proper functioning of our platform and cannot be disabled. Learn more in our Cookie Policy."

By selecting "Accept and Continue," you acknowledge the use of necessary cookies essential for the operations of Money Alive Office. Given their indispensability, there is no provision to disable these cookies, aligning with their classification as necessary.

Cookies used on Money Alive Office

Below is a comprehensive table outlining the specific cookies utilized on the Money Alive Office platform, including their names, purposes, and the duration for which they are stored, to provide clarity on how we ensure the functionality and security of our service.

Necessary Cookies

Cookie name






Money Alive Office


14 days

Internally uses laravel_session to identify a session instance for a user.


Money Alive Office


14 days

This cookie is written to help with site security in preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.


Money Alive Office


2 minutes

Used as a load balancer for web applications hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Money Alive Office


1 year 1 month 4 days

Keeps track of the device ID used for remembering login requests.




1 Year

CookieYes remembers consent preferences without storing personal information, ensuring preferences are honored in future visits.

Your Rights Concerning Data Collected by Cookies

While Money Alive Office uses only necessary cookies, your rights over your data remain paramount, including accessing, correcting, or deleting any personal data we collect. We commit to addressing these rights transparently and promptly.

Updates to This Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy for Money Alive Office may evolve alongside changes in our operational practices, technological advancements, or legal obligations. Regularly reviewing this policy will keep you informed about our use of necessary cookies and reaffirm our commitment to your privacy and the security of our platform.

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