You can add additional system users to your account if you wish others within your organisation to be able to login. This will depend on how many system users your subscription allows and may be limited.

System users are added via the settings menu.

Then on the "system users" tab along the top of the menu you can see a list of all your system users and their statuses etc.

Adding new system user

You can click on the "New" bottom in top right.

 If your account has reached its limits, then you will see an alert informing you and what you can do.

Otherwise you can fill in the form provided and once completed, then continue can be pressed.

Once the new system user has been created, you will be given two things

  1. An invite template that can be used to email to the admin. This has to be done from your own email client as the system itself does not send any emails at this point.

  2. A direct URL that can be sent to the client via your own means

Link hidden above

Once the new system user clicks the link provided, they will be asked to set their password and once this has been set, they will be sent a verification email asking them to verify their email address.

Once they have confirmed their email address, then they will be able to login and use Money Alive.

Getting a system users invite details

If you have lost or need to find the invite details for a given admin again, then you can click on the settings (three dots) and click "Invite links" and you will be able to view their invite links again and send on accordingly.

Updating a system user

From the system user page, you can edit the system user by clicking on the menu on the right (three dots) and clicking "Edit"

You can then update the details as required and then click "Save"

Disable/Enable system users

Sometimes people may leave an organisation or simply that someone does not use the system as much and wishes to pass it over to another user. You can disable the user in question and then upon disabling, this will free up a system user position on your account.

Disabling can be done via the menu (three dots) and then click "Disable" or "Enable" depending on their status.

If you have reached your limits on system users, then any disabled system users wont be able to be enabled till you upgrade your subscription.

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